International Trade
Central America began its integration process five
decades ago, but it does not constitute a customs
union or a common market, it can be more
adequately described as a Free Trade Zone. To gain
the benefits of the Free Trade Zone, goods have to
be originating from Central America, thus
compliance with rules of origin.

There are several
agreements and regulations that
govern trade in Central America and in order to get
the most benefits from them  an investor need to
know the possibilities and requirements that are
applicable in the specific case.
Central American Trade Regulations
We have extensive knowledge of Central
American laws and regulations that
govern commercial transactions within
Central America and that may affect a
company that does business (sells goods
or services) in more than one country. We
are familiar with principles and obligations
derived from the World Trade
Organization (WTO) (especially with
agreements and regulations that are
mandatory in specific areas).

Our expertise
Our team has expertise derived from
participation in all negotiating rounds of
DR-CAFTA (Dominican Republic- Central
America Free Trade Agreement),
representing clients’ positions within the
private sector support team that closely
worked with government.  

We participated in the most important
international trade conflicts in Central
America, representing specific
Guatemalan industries

Preliminary assestment in cases before
going to WTO consultations.
Our expertise allows us to render advice
and representation in international trade
cases such as:

  • Interpretation and application of Central
    American Common Market agreements
    and regulations

  • Interpetation and application of
    applicable free trade agreements

  • Trade Remedies (dumping, dumping
    investigations, subsidies)

  • Trade measures or restrictions
    imposed or applied by Central
    American government authorities
    (origin requirements, technical
    standards, sanitary or phitosanitary

  • Government Relations brought before
    authorities to present proposals related
    with trade regulations

  • Trade in Textiles and quotas

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