Immigration to Canada

Our firm has recently established an association with Janet L. Bomza & Associates ,
a Law Firm with offices in Toronto Canada and through this association we can
provide clients in Guatemala legal services regarding immigration to Canada.

Janet L. Bomza & Associates is an internationally recognized immigration law firm
that offers comprehensive expertise in both Canadian and American immigration-
related issues.

There are many permanent immigration visas that Canada offers, such as:

·        Independent / Skilled Professionals
·        Business Immigrants
·        Entrepreneurs
·        Investors
·        Self Employed Persons
·        Family Class
·        Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

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Many Guatemalans may take advantage of Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker
program which accepts all professions with a medium to high level of supervisory,
managerial, or technical expertise. Canada is in dire need of individuals with any
technical or professional experience, as there is an employee shortage.

As long as the candidates posts of employment require academic training (any
managers, supervisors in any field, executive secretaries, translators, accountants,
engineers, teachers at any level, librarians, museum curators, paralegals, lawyers,
doctors, engineers) or specialized technical skill (technicians/technologists or any
sort, nurses, tool and dye makers, machinists) they will all qualify if they meet the
other necessary criteria (age, language).
One of the most important requirements is to speak English or French fluently.


Preliminary assessment and general inquires are free of charge.

At Muadi & Murga we can assist you to assess your possibilities to legally immigrate
to Canada with a questionnaire that will be studied by Janet L Bomza & Associates
Law Firm to assess the likelihood of success for your application.

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Canadian advantages:

The United Nations have ranked Canada as  the
best place to live in the world seven years in a row
(ahead of the USA and Switzerland)
- the country with the safest cities in the world to
raise one’s family (The United Nations have
ranked Vancouver, Canada as the safest city
globally)- the third most polite country in the world

●It’s oil sands production renders Canada the
new global crude oil supply nation by the end of
the decade

● Canada has a prosperous economy, an
increasingly retiring population, and as such is in
desperate need of skilled workers (we have an
incredibly low unemployment rate-8%)

● Canada has currency nearly on par with the US

● Canadian University education is government
funded, allowing Canadian children access to
internationally renowned universities at
significantly lower costs than comparable
universities in the USA and the UK. The average
cost of one year of University education in Canada
is $4000Cnd

● Canadians have access to free health care, free
settlement assistance, free English or French

Beyond immigration:

Janet L. Bomza & Associates
can assist
its clients to settle in Canada with
information on finding a place of temporary
residence, how to open their bank
accounts, secure employment, secure their
social insurance card and health cards for
provincial health coverage.
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