We have experience, among others in the following subjects:  

  • Customs Classification.  The tariff  position in which merchandise
    are classified can affect the percentage of applicable taxes. There
    are several applicable principles to determine the correct
    classification of an item and often Cutosm authorities do not
    classify the item in the correct position, but in the position that pays
    more taxes.

  • Customs Valuation.  Recently ithe number of valuation adjustments
    made by customs valuation authorities has increased.   Guatemala
    applies by law the GATT valuation method that mandates customs
    to apply transaction value. nevertheless, customs might have
    reasonable doubts, but in many cases doubt is not justified.

  • Lobbying before governmental agencies for presentation and
    pursuits of proposals in customs subjects

  • Special Customs Regimes.  In order to promote its  exports,
    Guatemala offers different options for investors to establish a
    production plant that manufacture goods to be exported outside the
    country. There are many tax benefits that a company can use if the
    company applies for a specific regime, like draw back (maquila).

  • Preferential tarrifs applicable derived from free trade agreements
    (Central America, Mexico, Dominican Republic and CAFTA)

  • Rules of origin. We can examine if a given product complies with a
    rule of origin derived from an agreement in order to qualify for
    preferential treatment

  • Barriers to Trade. Restrictions made at the border by customs
    authorities for sanitary reasons, technical standards or other.
Customs Law

This area is closely related with our
international trade practice

Tariffs are not the only barrier to
trade, and Central America is no
exception to that rule. The average
tariff in Central America is below 6%.
Nevertheless, there are other
measures applied by customs
authorities that may be considered
trade restrictions.  
import related
taxes account
for almost half
of the national
Specific Experience
Participation in the negotiation table of
customs procedure in many international
trade agreements.

In the last year we have handled more
than 20 customs valuation cases before
administrative autorities, with a 100%
success rate in the cases that are closed.

Advice and represented the client in the
important trade dispute in Central

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