A.  General Legal Practice

We know Guatemalan laws and render advice about its regulations, implementation, or
application to a specific case.
 Muadi & Murga has a strong general practice to offer our
clients a full service law firm to cover their needs as individual or as a corporation..

  • Real estate investigation in public registries (situation of the property, processes to
    obtain possession or to modify an entry in the registry in case of error, establishment of
    special property regimes (rules or management)

  • Foreign investors’ rights in Guatemala (regulated or non regulated activities)

  • General tax duties for corporations or persons

  • Trademark research or registration in public registries, administrative opposition
    process, or judicial review in intellectual property conflicts.  Processes in establishing if
    there is, in fact, a trademark infringement in Guatemala or Central America

  • Notarial deeds to certify facts or to prepare evidence for trial

  • Drafting of all types of agreements, such as typical contracts related to property
    leasing, sales and purchases, services, joint venture, power of attorney or special
    commercial agreements such as agency, distribution, construction, licensing, technology
    transfer and confidentiality agreements

  • Guatemalan corporate law (constitution of commercial corporations or non profit
    associations as well as the dissolution or liquidation process, mergers, acquisitions, and
    corporate restructuring). We also help maintain order in the registries or accounting
    books according to legal requirements

  • Immigration (processes to obtain visas, work permits, residency or Guatemalan
    citizenship if applicable)

  • Family Law (includes divorce, adoptions)

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